What’s app?

Coaching-specific apps are few and far between, but, argues Jonathan Dyson, with the huge rise in the use of mobile devices among coaches, it’s just a matter of time before a range of targeted apps appear The use of smartphone and tablet apps looks set to become increasingly important in coaching. New apps are emerging that help coaches and clients during sessions, offer clients a ‘coach in your pocket’ and even provide self-coaching. Currently, apps are not widely used in coaching, and little hard data exists. However, Abby Tripp Heverin, communications coordinator at the International Coach Federation (ICF), told Coaching […]

In fair weather and foul

A client and coach ought to be well matched at the start of contracting. But a lot can happen to the pairing along their journey of discovery, reveals Elspeth May. Just how prepared are you for a coaching relationship? It’s a leap of faith going into a coaching relationship, isn’t it?” This comment, from a research participant client, captures the spirit of uncertainty in which a coach and client embark on their coaching journey. My curiosity about how such relationships unfold led me to conduct a longitudinal study into how coaching relationships evolve over time, for a professional doctorate at […]

More than a feeling

Working with emotion in coaching is an under-researched and challenging area. However, with the right approach and tools, it offers insight into client sense-making and can help with goal attainment, argue Peter Duffell and Carmelina Lawton-Smith Emotion can be a significant indicator that a client may need a coaching intervention (Bachkirova & Cox, 2007). Yet little is written about how a coach can address and work with emotion. And while coach training often suggests that expressions of strong emotion in clients may indicate a need for more specialist help, working with potentially relevant and appropriate emotion is not generally covered […]

Review 2

Title Internal Coaching: The Inside Story Author Katharine St John-Brooks Publisher Karnac Books ISBN 978 17804 9172 1 Usefulness ***** With the demand for internal coaching on the rise (by 79 per cent according to the Ridler Report 2013), St John-Brooks’ book is perfectly timed. Internal Coaching’s empathetic, conversational style brings multiple perspectives from interviews conducted in more than 100 organisations, as well as other experiences that add breadth, depth and insight into the pitfalls, challenges and considerations of investing in internal coaching. This includes some of the ethical dilemmas internal coaches face as part of the organisational system in […]

Review 1

Book Title The Art of Somatic Coaching: Embodying Skillful Action, Wisdom, and Compassion Author Richard Strozzi-Heckler Publisher North Atlantic Books ISBN 978 15839 4673 2 Usefulness ***** Every now and then a book is published that is destined to become a major contribution to the field of coaching: The Art of Somatic Coaching is one of them. This latest work by Richard Strozzi-Heckler draws on the author’s 45 years’ experience to offer a comprehensive, practicable account of coaching through the body. The book begins with an invitation to consider the individual, and the collective cost of living a life disconnected […]

Toolbox: creating a blueprint

Coaching at Work road-tests
Embark coaching culture diagnostic The tool What is it? Embark is a recently launched coaching culture diagnostic tool that maps an organisation’s current situation and provides an easy-to-understand blueprint for developing a coaching culture in the future. Drawing on the latest academic theories and 10 years’ practical coach and training experience, Embark is for companies that want to improve on or develop a coaching culture. How does it work? The Embark diagnostic is a free online tool that comprises 27 questions. The diagnostic can be completed by just one member of staff, a small team, or hundreds […]

HOW TO… coach leaders dealing with change

By Sarah Lewis How do you help your client manage change in their organisation when so much of what we know about change isn’t necessarily true? Let’s dispel the myths and find some new approaches that will help leaders on their journey If you’re coaching a leader through organisational change, there are a few myths it is important to dispel. In my experience, most people seem to believe that ‘people don’t like change’ and ‘change is hard’. Neither of these statements is necessarily true, as we see below. What is true is that the way we understand organisations, understand change […]

Research matters: The wild west of coaching

Cowboy or professional? Let’s drop the negative discourse and use an inclusive one. Isn’t that what coaching is all about, asks Bob Garvey, professor of business education at York St John Business School The idea of ‘discourse’ is important in the study of people and society. Discourses are basically how people talk about things. They are ways of supporting and transmitting meaning through social contexts. Webster (1980, p206) says: “Language is the primary motor of a culture.” And “Language is culture in action…” It is important also to understand that “… language is never ‘innocent’; it is not a neutral […]

Coaching chronicles: Queen Victoria

Hello, I am Roach the Coach and I am your guide through the Coaching Chronicles. There are 4,500 species of us cockroaches so we are well placed, across the globe, and across time, to tell you about coaching… As we know, Queen Victoria was the longest reigning British monarch, and one of the most celebrated. Few, though, know of her links with coaching. Born on 24 May 1819, a Gemini, she described her childhood as melancholic. Her life was one of strict rules instigated by her protective mother, who named this elaborate set of protocols: the Kensington System. Victoria became […]

Welcome to the April 2014 issue of the newsletter

  Spring has sprung in the Western hemisphere and it’s a good time to do some spring-cleaning of internal initiatives. Lis Merrick has some tips on how (see her latest mentoring column in Highlights).To coincide with World Health Day on 7 April, a European psychologists’ body underlined the importance of changing behaviour in improving health. As coaches, challenging and helping to change behaviour is part of what we do, of course. And we need to take a systemic, holistic perspective. Sometimes it’s up to us to tread where others dare not. It’s no good helping a burned out leader do […]