HOW TO… promote and market your coaching services

This fourth article in the series considers the in-person marketing approaches you can use to get your coaching business known to potential clients

Part four: Getting your name known
Unless you are starting your coaching business with a ready-made list of contacts, you will need to make yourself and your services known to potential clients and referral sources. There are myriad ways to do it. In this article, we’ll look at some of the main ones and which approaches work best for coaches setting up on their own (McMahon, Palmer & Wilding 2006).
Clients will hire you as their coach if they believe you have the skills and capabilities to help them solve their problem and they trust they can work with you to achieve it. Consequently, clients who are going to hire a coach are likely to prefer ‘in-person’ marketing approaches that give you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the client’s challenges and your capabilities. This also allows you to show your personality and develop a relationship.

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