Inner workings

The line between internal coaching and mentoring seems to be getting fuzzier, alongside a dramatic increase in their use as developmental interventions, report Sara Hope and Emily Cosgrove The use of internal coaching and mentoring as developmental interventions in organisations has increased substantially over the past decade. The drivers can be very different, their backgrounds diverse. Yet, they all seem to combine some organisational understanding with a degree of objectivity, confidentiality and capability. A subtle blend One approach involves a subtle blend of internal coaching and mentoring. Many definitions of coaching include the facilitation of growth in both internal experience […]

Random House – a case study

How to set up and make the most of your internal coaching pool Jason Miller, partner, Tinder-Box Are you considering setting up an internal coaching pool? If so, you need to give serious consideration to the following three challenges: First, how do you maintain quality and continually upskill your coaches? Second, how do you use your internal coaching pool more strategically to deliver more ambitious and effective programmes? Third, how do you make sure that your coaches remain motivated, active and engaged in the coaching? At Tinder-Box, we have just embarked on a leadership development programme involving one of our […]

The dance of trust

Without trust between coach and client, no meaningful work can take place. Yet we are all different – and our interpretation of trust will be, too, says Eunice Aquilina Cultivating trust is core to building an effective coaching relationship. The psychotherapy and counselling literature consistently tells us that, irrespective of your particular orientation, it is the co-created relationship that forms the bedrock of trust. Without trust there can be no meaningful work, no conversation of depth and no growth. And it needs to be regenerated constantly. While we instinctively know the importance of trust, we may default to thinking about […]

Conversation stopper

Sharon Millar and Amanda Ridings’ pilot programme in NHS Scotland enables fruitful leadership conversations in complex environments. It also outlines introductory frameworks for bringing dialogue and mindfulness practices into leadership conversations Have you or your clients ever sat in a meeting and thought: ‘We’ve said all this before…’ ‘Two people trading opinions isn’t a conversation!’ ‘We made this decision a month ago and no-one stuck by it.’ Such thoughts indicate that a different kind of leadership conversation may be required, one that engages with the dynamic complexity of ‘wicked’ issues. The diverse assumptions, perspectives, values and language of multiple stakeholders […]

A fearful burden

Dead projects cast long shadows, argue Paul Brown and Brenda Hales. This two-part series examines the place of fear and trust in coaching, particularly within complex project management settings. Part 1: the positive impact on individuals and projects, of organisations building their knowledge of how the brain organises itself Complex projects are high risk for individuals and organisations, whose wellbeing can be seriously compromised. In the complex project delivery world there is infinitely more awareness of the risks to the organisation’s financial wellbeing than to individuals’ wellbeing, and little of how the brain works. Coaching underpinned by a brain-based approach, […]

Express yourself

The ability to speak effectively in meetings has a significant impact on how someone is perceived, their reputation and their promotion prospects. Many clients are hampered by their inability to speak up, but coaching has the tools to help them, says Barbara Moyes Over the past four years, I have coached a number of high fliers earmarked for promotion into the UK’s senior Civil Service. Despite their obvious intelligence and ability, I have been struck by how many of them told me they lacked confidence and found speaking in meetings both difficult and stressful. Emily was one example. Immediately on […]

The peace process

A volunteer mentor programme is helping British wounded, injured and sick soldiers find their feet back in ‘civvie’ street. Sally-Anne Airey, a volunteer mentor herself, describes how leavers are being supported When Corporal David Henderson was medically discharged from the British Army in September 2012, at the age of 26, he became one of 1,500 young Service men and women whose careers are unexpectedly cut short every year through injury or poor health. David was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in February 2012, following his experiences in Afghanistan three years before. For the previous eight years, David had been […]

Book review: Developing Mental Toughness

Title: Developing Mental Toughness Authors: Peter Clough and Doug Strycharczyk Publisher: Kogan Page ISBN 978 0749 46377 9 Usefulness **** The label ‘mental toughness’ may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but few can argue that these are challenging times in which topics such as resilience are particularly hot. Does resilience, or mental toughness, which the authors see as wider than resilience, really exist? Clough and Strycharczyk believe so. They also believe it’s useful, can be developed and can be measured. To back these assertions, they share plenty of research and case studies, including their own. They have developed the […]

Book Review: Get That Job With NLP

Title: Get That Job With NLP Author: Jackie Arnold Publisher: Teach Yourself ISBN 978 1444 17675 9 Usefulness ***** This book is the next best thing to having your own career coach. Job seekers can read the case studies, do the exercises and be well prepared to find the role they really want. As a career coach myself, this book will also work alongside my own coaching. The book simplifies both NLP and Clean Language in a practical way. The structure works well too, so the job researcher/hunter can focus on the section that matters to them at the right […]

Toolbox: Positive attractors

Coaching at Work road-tests Energetic NLP 1 The tool What is it? Energetic NLP is NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) combined with healing and intuition work. It’s a system of processes that seeks to bring a spiritual dimension to professional and personal growth. Creator Art Giser recognised that NLP on its own had its limitations, as change is not just about choice and decision, if at a deep level something in us does not want it. ENLP not only takes into account the client’s internal experience and representation of reality, but also that all energies are connected and that feelings may not […]