Uncoachable? That’s so uncool!

International coach federation global conference, 3-6 October 2012, london Coaching is seen as ‘cool’ by JOEY Restaurant Group’s employees – and as the average age of its staff is only 25 years old, cool is all. Redefining coaching as cool, and gaining senior buy-in, were key in getting a coaching culture off the ground, said Marjorie Busse, lead coach/trainer at Essential Impact, which worked with JOEY to take its leadership development to the next level. The 25 most senior leaders in the Canada-based organisation are accredited coaches. “It’s almost uncool to be uncoachable,” said Andrew Martin, vice president of HR. […]

Interventions must increase credibility through evidence-based results

By Ros Soulsby Coaches need to be more systemically minded, more challenging and more evidence-focused. In her opening address at the conference, Caroline Sandler, head of Sandler Consulting Executive Coaching Practice, underlined the importance of accountability – both for the individual being coached and the organisation commissioning coaching. She said that in spite of the economic climate, coaching programmes and practices were very much alive in business. However, clients were becoming more discerning and demanding of intervention results. Sandler found this raised three key points: coaches should be more systemic in their thinking, more challenging with clients and more evidence-focused […]

Engaged BT staff attract like-minded customers

Chartered institute of personnel and development conference: coaching for business performance, 26 september 2012, London By Ros Soulsby Coaching is significantly boosting employee engagement and thus customer satisfaction at BT. Disengagement costs the UK some £44 billion a year – equivalent to half the annual cost of the NHS, revealed Caroline Waters, director of people and policy, BT Group. Coaching, she suggested, can help turn this around. At BT, when managers were coaching their staff in teams, there was significant engagement, resulting in 23 per cent higher productivity for operational staff. At the same time, engaged call centre teams took […]

Team GB uses “key values” to reach gold off the track, too

Engaging and consulting team members on key values with plenty of lead-in time contributed to Team GB’s shining performance off and on the track, said Sir Clive Woodward. Team GB won 65 medals, including 29 gold, at the London 2012 Olympic Games, but also performed impeccably at other times. Sir Clive, director of sport for Team GB, said this was because there was 100 per cent buy-in on values from all the athletes. “We had the whole of the British press chasing for scandal, but although there was lots of partying, nothing happened…This was the first social media event… we […]

Avatar coaches to meet clients in virtual reality

The world of virtual reality (VR) complete with 3D avatars, landscapes and props, is set to meet the world of coaching in a trailblazing project due to launch next spring. The VR platform is the brainchild of organisational change consultant and coach David Tinker, who also has a background in sociodrama. It is expected to have applications in arenas including coaching, social work, the voluntary sector and management/team development. Its ability to work in a visual format will be key. “We’re very visual, yet so much of coaching is auditory… Here we’re working with metaphor, our imagination and our language […]

Welcome to the September 2012 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the September 2012 issue of the newsletter I remember talking to a head of coaching at a major retailer in the UK a while back (before the economic crisis) who didn’t believe in spending lots of money on evaluating coaching. He said he could see that it worked and that that was good enough for him. Whether it was good enough for the company’s finance director, I don’t know, and certainly it’s hard to imagine this coaching champion continuing to get away with not evaluating coaching in the current climate. We are certainly very preoccupied with return on […]