In this three-part report, we look at how coaching can be used to support disabled people. Two coaches and their clients – one a deaf UK-based coach and the other a Greece-based coach with no disabilities – share their experiences and reflections. And David Clutterbuck offers guidance on using mentoring with disabled people PART ONE : MISSED ABILITY? Disabled people are just like other people. Why offer them particular support as a group? The short answer is because it could help unearth talents that employers are unaware of, says deaf coach, Jane Cordell When I started coaching in 2008, it was […]

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  1. Fiona Anderson
    Fiona Anderson says:

    Great to see this important area for coaching highlighted in 3 articles in this issue. Too often disabled people are the last consideration in diversity work , which means employers miss out on talented individuals whose emotional intelligence, practical experience of problem solving and resilience is often greater than non-disabled colleagues. Thank you for highlighting it.
    Fiona Anderson

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