One from the heart

Accessing the intelligence of our heart is one of three doorways into presence-based coaching. As we develop this skill, we might sense that we are nurturing ourselves and supporting our clients at a deeper level than before, says Sally-Anne Airey As a relative latecomer to the world of coach-mentoring and a former senior executive myself, […]

The Coaching Chronicles – The ancient chinese

Hello, I am Roach the Coach and I am your guide through the Coaching Chronicles. There are 4,500 species of us cockroaches so we are well placed, across the globe, and across time, to tell you about coaching… China, home to Jackie Chan, pandas, sweet and sour prawn, bamboo and Cato. Ah yes, Cato, the […]

View from the balcony – To CPD, or not to CPD…

This series of columns by an anonymous coaching buyer takes a thought-provoking helicopter view of what’s going on in the industry. This issue: development vs training While clearing out my desk, I came across a clutch of old certificates relating to the continued professional development (CPD) I’ve done. In my organisation, CPD has fallen victim […]