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In the first in a series of columns dedicated to mentoring, we take a look at the background and revival of this increasingly popular intervention. Lis Merrick and Paul Stokes Mentoring is enjoying a comeback, and is fast becoming a key element of L&D strategies Mentoring has been around since the great poet Homer wrote his epic The Odyssey. Most people are familiar with the ancient Greek tale of Odysseus returning from the Trojan Wars to find that his old friend Mentor had supported his son Telemachus during his long absence. However, are you also aware than Mentor was actually […]

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  1. Mrs Susan Grandfield
    Mrs Susan Grandfield says:

    I’m really looking forward to future articles and insights on Mentoring. I was involved in setting up a Mentoring programme a few years ago and it never really got off the ground. I don’t think the organisation was ready for it. However, I agree that in the current situation where budgets are tight and people are stretched, that Mentoring could provide a really cost effective, impactful learning and development solution to both large and small organisations.

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