View from the balcony – the best of both worlds

This series of columns by an anonymous coaching buyer takes a thought-provoking helicopter view of what’s going on in the industry. This issue: Internal vs external The New Year is fading to a memory and the harsh reality of 2011 is quickly becoming apparent. The prospect of economic recovery is fragile in many countries, while in the UK’s public sector the cuts are already beginning to bite. Times are fraught and coaching contracts will be hard fought for. The anxiety among some coaches is captured by the title of a recently advertised workshop: ‘Leader as coach – are they stealing […]

Suits you?

In the second in this series on how to successfully use coaching in companies, Frank Bresser looks at the range of coaching forms for use in business contexts Part 2: What category of coaching best matches your organisation? Many forms of coaching exist in business today. Organisations should consider the whole spectrum rather than the better-known individual, management and leadership, culture and team coaching styles. Three main categories focus on people, organisations (strategy, structures and processes), and technology & tools. Naturally, there is overlap between the three. Each will have an immediate, direct impact on the other two in some […]

International Coaching Week: what’s in it for the coaches?

By Dorothy Nesbit International Coaching Week, which takes place between 7-11 February is an event sponsored by the International Coach Federation to educate the public whilst giving something back. But what do the coaches get out of it? A band of coaches who took part in a voluntary project within a school highlighted a number of short-term and long-term benefits, many of them unexpected. The project kicked off in 2006 when 14 of us who shared a passion for education “adopted” Normand Croft Community School in West London, offering coaching to its senior leaders. It was a way of keeping […]