Coaching helps ADHD students

By Liz Hall Coaching can help students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) improve their study skills, well-being and confidence levels, suggests research carried out by the Edge Foundation. Some 127 students from eight universities and two community colleges in the US took part in the study by researchers at Wayne State University. It is the […]

Viewpoint -The buck stops here

Gil Schwenk Don’t pass difficult conversations on to coaches – instead include them in a three-way dialogue. Problem solved! Too many managers in today’s organisations are finding it hard to have ‘difficult’ conversations with their people, particularly on performance and skill issues. Instead, they are happy to abdicate responsibility to an unsuspecting business coach, turning […]

A hard act to follow

A highly capable technology manager has the heads but not the hearts of his staff. He does not empathise and knows little about them. Can coaching bring some engagement to both sides? John is new in his role as head of technology. Though capable technically, his CEO says he’s not “getting the results from his […]

In the pipeline

In part two of our special report into talent management, Santander’s Caroline Curtis tells Liz Hall why the commercial bank is putting coaching at its very heart Caroline Curtis, Santander’s head of talent and people development, believes coaching is “the most effective intervention with people”. Since joining the commercial bank four years ago (she joined […]

Talent show

How does a company keep its top performers? Formal development? Not according to two new employee surveys. Our 10-page special report looks at the vital role coaching and mentoring plays in talent management. Liz Hall reports Savvy organisations are putting coaching and mentoring at the heart of their talent management strategies. And well they might. […]

Grow your own

How do external supervisors see the internal talent coach’s role? In part three of our report, Jennifer Liston-Smith and Emma Donaldson-Feilder explore the challenges and opportunities facing an increasingly complex job description Organisations are broadening the focus of their coaching interventions, from performance to talent. At the same time, coaching arrangements have shifted to include […]

Toolbox – Give me five!

Continuing our series looking at coaching tools and techniques, Coaching at Work road-tests Facet5 personality tool 1 The tool What is it? Facet5 is a personality tool that helps participants understand how people differ in their behaviour, motivation, attitudes and aspirations. It uses the ‘Big Five’ factors of personality generally considered by psychologists to be […]