Managers new to coaching need ongoing support

It is vital that organisations provide continuous learning support to managers to help them embed newly acquired coaching skills, particularly in the first month, according to research from Sydney University. It takes about six months before the perceived benefits of adopting coaching behaviours outweigh the perceived downsides, suggest the findings. Pros and cons The study […]

Letters from readers

Clarity call As the Roundtable of Professional Coaching bodies in the UK, we found the View from the Balcony article, Too much of a good thing? (vol 5 issue 2), an interesting read. For some time we have been aware that the landscape of qualifications and accreditation has been potentially confusing to coaches, clients and […]

Coaching at Work e-newsletter — April 2010

Welcome to the April issue of the newsletter The volcanic ash clouds may have caused all manner of disruptions but they have prompted numerous spontaneous acts of kindness too, reminding us that life is full of uncertainty and we’re all inter–connected. These are themes I picked up at my presentation at Nottingham Business School’s coaching […]

Letter from Greece — Olympian Challenge

Coaching is in its infancy in Greece, which makes it an exciting time to be part of its development as an official profession Andrew Armatas I have been based permanently in Greece since 2000 – after a personal journey that included Australia (my birthplace), the US and the UK. Back in 2000 employee training had […]

Get tough on management bullies

Executive coaches have a role to play in challenging bullying behaviour that is rife in senior management, suggests research. Seventy nine per cent of respondents to a survey by International Conflict Management Forum (ICMF) recognise bullying as a common senior management style. Eighty per cent had witnessed bullying at all management levels – half of […]

First NE council coaches earn their stripes

Local authorities in the northeast of England are soon to have access to a pool of 100 public sector leaders offering executive coaching. The first cohort of a coach training programme designed especially for public sector leaders in the northeast has just completed their learning, with participants forming a pool of coaches for peers in […]

The final curtain

How many times have you been faced with a client and felt paralysed by your own ineptitude? In this series, Sam Humphrey looks at stereotypical clients and identifies the CPDs you can undertake to support your coaching mastery. This issue: The final curtain Client profile Theme tune Any show tune and all the operas Favourite […]

What you’re saying online

We’re building a solid international presence online on various social media platforms – here’s another taster of what’s being said Should coaching be regulated in the UK? Since our last issue, there’s been a shift away from voters wanting government-regulated coaching to voting for regulation by professional body/ies. YES, by the government: 12% (56% last […]

How to…coach self-doubt

It is safe to say that everyone experiences self-doubt to some degree. For some it can be a spur to do better, for others a hindrance to progress. It is the coach’s task to help the client challenge this debilitating preconception by Suzanne Doyle-Morris WE ALL experience self-doubt from time to time – working for […]