KPMG coach model puts flexibility first

KPMG’s internal coaches are coaching staff into winning business and client engagements.

The team of 12 full-time coaches are also looking at how they market their services internally and demonstrate a client-centred approach across the firm.

The move is part of a wider, more flexible, business-aligned coaching model.

“We’re making sure we are aligned to where the business is going, that we’re fit for purpose. It’s not one-size-fits-all – there is a growing need for flexibility and for being prepared to upskill in certain areas to raise the bar for performance,” said Sara Hope, senior business coach for advisory services at KPMG, who presented on coaching for line managers at the CIPD’s HRD conference in April.

Hope said demand for internal coaches to work closely with staff during business development and client engagement is growing.

“Our experiences demonstrate the value our clients place on the internal coaching offering – people are hungry for a learning solution that enables them to remain focused and successful in a challenging commercial environment. As a coaching faculty it’s about maintaining our integrity and depth of expertise as coaches, while acknowledging the need to be flexible and adaptable in our approach.”

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