Peer Supervision in Coaching and Mentoring: A Versatile Guide for Reflective Practice Tammy Turner, Michelle Lucas and Carol Whitaker Routledge 978 11380 6130 9 5 out of 5 I read a lot of books on coaching and many are soon forgotten. But this has become a reference guide for me in supervising newly trained coaches. The authors pool together their collective experiences of peer supervision, in a conversational style. I found myself making notes of pages and exercises to use for supervision and coach training. Always a good sign. I also rate this book because it speaks to the core values […]

PRESS RELEASE: COACHING AT WORK AWARDS 2019 – For immediate release – 5 July 2019

A host of coaching and mentoring practitioners received accolades for their contributions in the Coaching at Work 2019 Awards, in what was one of the toughest years for judging given the high quality of those nominated. The winners were: Jonathan Passmore, Eve Turner & Marta Filipiak (Best Article/s); Charmaine Kwame (Internal Coaching/Mentoring   Champion); Jeremy Gomm (External Coaching/Mentoring Champion); Peter Welch (Contributions to Coaching Supervision); Fiona Adamson (Lifetime Achievement), and David Gray (Posthumous Lifetime Achievement). Gina Lodge, CEO at coach training and consultancy business the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) announced the winners and those highly commended at the awards ceremony […]


In this two-part series, Carol Whitaker, Michelle Lucas and Tammy Turner share insights around contracting from their just-published book. Part One: spotting the signs that re-contracting might be needed As coaches and mentors, we can often find ourselves stumbling across a situation we hadn’t foreseen. No matter how well we agree the way we want to work together (the contract) at the start, the need to re-contract along the way arises. Doing this well requires contracting skills, which as they’re rarely given full attention in training programmes, we build by trial and error. However, in this two-part article, we aim […]

PRESS RELEASE COACHING AT WORK AWARD WINNERS 2018 – For immediate release – 5 July 2018

A host of movers and shakers received accolades for their contributions to the coaching profession, at this year’s Coaching at Work Awards. The award results were announced by editor Liz Hall at a ceremony at the end of the annual Coaching at Work conference in London on 4 July, which was then followed by a reception sponsored by the online training provider the Wisdom Tree Academy to celebrate the awards. Craig G Howe from the Wisdom Tree Academy handed winners a plaque and those highly commended, a certificate. A full conference report, with photographs, will appear in Coaching at Work’s September/October issue of the magazine. “It’s been really […]


COACHING AT WORK INTERVIEWS   Karyn Prentice and Elaine Patterson talk to Coaching at Work’s Liz Hall about bringing greater creativity into coaching by working with the seasons Karyn Prentice and Elaine Patterson are Senior Faculty at the Coaching Supervision Academy International Centre for Reflective Practice and together are PattersonPrenticeDesigns bringing their creativity to the world of leadership and professional practice. They are experienced international executive coaches, coach supervisors, learning facilitators and writers as well as life long reflective practitioners. They have come together to share their love of creativity, reflection and reflective practices with coaches, coaching supervisors, leaders and people […]


Ever thought that there’s plenty of rich material from your coaching for a play, a novel, or even a musical? Two seasoned coaches have made this a reality By Liz Hall The Workshop: a musical, based on group coaching, is ready to go into production. It has been created by highly experienced coaches Chérie Carter-Scott and Lynn U Stewart. Thailand-based ICF MCC Carter-Scott, CEO of personal development and professional training firm MMS Institute and her Netherlands-based ICF PCC sister, Lynn U Stewart, have been running a two-day Inner Negotiation personal development workshops around the world for 43 years, helping people […]


PRESS RELEASE – 11 July 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A host of movers and shakers received accolades for their contributions to the coaching profession, at this year’s Coaching at Work Awards.   The awards were announced by editor Liz Hall at a ceremony at the end of the annual Coaching at Work conference in London on 5 July, which was then followed by a reception sponsored by Erickson Coaching International to celebrate the awards.   Award winners were given a plaque if they got ‘first `prize’ and a certificate if they came second (Highly commended). A full conference report, with photographs of the […]


Self-mentoring can help us navigate in any waters as an invisible leader, explains Dr Marsha L Carr “I want to thank my parents for giving me confidence disproportionate to my looks and abilities, which is what all parents should do” Tina Fey on receiving an Emmy for Best Actress, 2008   The Story After serving for 30 years in public and private education, with the last decade as a public school superintendent in the US, I was ready for a change. I worked a minimum of 80 hours per week to ensure my success, which included many public engagements that […]


PRESS RELEASE – 15 March 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Buyers and suppliers of coaching now have a comprehensive guide to help them define, articulate, purchase and deliver high calibre professional executive coaching in organisations. Future of Coaching Collaboration (FCC), a multi-stakeholder group comprising volunteers from corporates, professional bodies, academia, research bodies and Coaching at Work, has produced a guidance document setting out definitions, principles and practices for professional executive coaching in organisations. The document is the result of a work over a number of years from volunteers from organisations including Association for Coaching; Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision; AoCS (Association of Coaching Supervisors); British Association for […]