Ian Day, leadership coach and co-author of Challenging Coaching, describes the greatest challenge he’s had to face and what he learnt from it   What’s it like to be dead?” I was asked. Maybe this was real after all and not a bad dream, I thought. According to the British Heart Foundation there are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK each year, with an overall survival rate of fewer than one in 10. I’m one of the 10% that survived. There are times when we take things for granted. Not questioning how lucky we are, not recognising […]


Juan Coto, leadership business coach and mental trainer for elite athletes, shares with us how resilience is the key to peak performance and a training framework to become more resilient Peak performance is a term traditionally used in the elite sporting arena which is used more and more in the business world. Peak performance is the “ability to perform at the top range of your abilities independently of the circumstances”. We all have experienced those moments of being “in the zone” which I describe as feeling: energised, committed, confident and carefree. Those moments tend to occur when the circumstances are […]