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Coaching at Work e-newsletter — October 2010

Welcome to the October issue of the newsletter Thank heavens the sun is shining as I write this: UK Chancellor George Osborne has just announced around £83 billion in public spending cuts in the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR)- the largest cutbacks in Government expenditure since the emergency budgets of the post World War II era. […]

Coaching at Work e-newsletter — September 2010

Welcome to the September issue of the newsletter Having former cop Russell Waterman help me with my enquiries about how coaching is transforming the lives of ex-offenders was a joy (see Highlights of current issue below). It’s always refreshing and uplifting to see coaching spreading out to corners others than those of executives’ sparkling offices. […]

Coaching at Work e-newsletter — August 2010

Welcome to the August issue of the newsletter A group of us watched Gillo Pontecorvo’s brilliant black and white movie The Battle of Algiers (1966, re-released in 2007) recently. The film uses a gritty newsreel effect to recreate France’s suppression of the 1950s Algerian uprising. The film is as gripping now as when it was […]

Coaching at Work e-newsletter — July 2010

Welcome to the July issue of the newsletter We’re moving closer and closer to getting clarity around accreditation— I know how confusing many of you find it, particularly when you’re trying to decide which route to accreditation to opt for, or if you’re a buyer trying to decide what matters most. Who knows what the […]

Coaching at Work e-newsletter — June 2010

Welcome to the June issue of the newsletter Is it acceptable to practice therapy when we’re coaching? This emerged as a hot topic in our Poor Practice 2010 Survey. Certainly some of you see it as clear cut— no therapy when you’re wearing your coach hat and that’s that. But many of you think it’s […]

Coaching at Work e-newsletter — May 2010

Welcome to the May issue of the newsletter Should we as coaches be leveraging our coaching assignments to save the world? Should we be holding our clients accountable for their actions in terms of how they impact their team, their organisation, the planet, the universe? Some would argue that there is no greater calling than […]

Coaching at Work e-newsletter — April 2010

Welcome to the April issue of the newsletter The volcanic ash clouds may have caused all manner of disruptions but they have prompted numerous spontaneous acts of kindness too, reminding us that life is full of uncertainty and we’re all inter–connected. These are themes I picked up at my presentation at Nottingham Business School’s coaching […]

March e-newsletter

Welcome to the March issue of the newsletter We’re feeling proud as punch, having just picked up an award from the Association for Coaching (AC) for impacting the coaching profession (see News online). Whilst the award has my name on it – my eight year old son is most impressed and even my teenage daughters […]


Welcome to the February issue of the newsletter It seems the tide could be turning towards regulation of coaches in the UK – at least this is the suggestion of some of the voting we’re seeing on our online polls (see Stop Press). It could be a long time before the UK government turns the spotlight […]