Have you taken the most concerning, worrying and/or shameful episode that occurred in your practice over the last few years to supervision? Some 85 per cent of 518 professional coaches from 32 countries surveyed by Ashridge’s Professor Erik de Haan reported that they had, and that it was helpful doing so. As de Haan points out, this still leaves 5 per cent of coaches answering ‘yes, but it was unhelpful’, while 7 per cent answered, ‘I could have brought it to supervision but did not for some reason’, 2 per cent of coaches who did not bring it because they ‘did not trust their […]


This is the second column commissioned for our Campaign for Gender Equality. Last issue, Nicole Berg explored which qualities society determines to be masculine and feminine, and posited that feminine qualities are often viewed as incongruous in a work setting. This issue: the impact of gender conditioning By Nicole Berg   As coaches, raising awareness is a big part of what we do. With gender inequality and any other unrelenting issue, it’s important to understand the root cause. In this case, gender differences are at the heart. True equality – and true inclusion – involves being aware of and appreciating diversity. […]