Welcome to the December 2013 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the December 2013 issue of the newsletter

Even before the outpouring of grief, respect and gratitude that has graced many of the world’s press pages over recent weeks following Mandela’s passing, if you’d asked someone to name a handful of truly inspirational leaders, chances are Mandela’s name would have featured. We asked a handful of coaches and leadership experts what we can learn from Mandela for leadership and coaching today – see News Online below.
How about you: what is Mandela’s legacy to you, and how can we as coaches and mentors help to develop future leaders who can follow in Mandela’s footsteps?

In 2014, income in coaching will rise, predict 54% of respondents to the annual Coaching at Work readers’ survey, compared to15% last year (see News Online ). The top priorities for 2014 are: becoming more aligned with business (36%), evaluation/ROI (33%), then forming a chartered institute for coaching/and or mentoring (24%), followed by accreditation (22%). You have mixed feelings whether the profession should form a chartered institute (News Online) http://www.coaching-at-work.com/2013/12/13/news-mixed-feelings-about-chartered-institute/

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We thank everyone for your support and wish you all the very best for 2014.

NEWS: mixed feelings about chartered institute

The profession is divided about whether we need a chartered institute of coaching in the UK – our question on this in the annual Coaching at Work Readers’ Survey 2013 stirred up strong responses.
Forty per cent of respondents came out in favour of setting up an institute, 33 per cent were against and 27 per cent did not know.
Forming a chartered institute came third on the list of priorities for 2014 (24%), after becoming more aligned with business (36%), followed by evaluation/return on investment (33%).
Accreditation was down to number four (22%), with supervision and playing a stronger role in sustainability coming in joint fifth.
Meanwhile, a spin-off from the Coaching at Work-led Accreditation Forum, the Chartered Institute of Coaching sub-committee, has started exploring demand and viability for such an institute. Some coaching sponsors, including GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and News International, members of the forum, are keen to see one set up.

NEWS: conference roundup

Euro coach list 6th annual conference, 16-17 november 2013, near bristol, uk Getting the most from stakeholder contracting By Ray Charlton What is the best way to make stakeholder contracting most effective for all parties? This is the core question in Eve Turner and Professor Peter Hawkins’ action research project. In their session on Contracting for Coaching in Organisations, they shared where they had got to and engaged delegates in contributing their experience, ideas and insights in response to four challenging areas. These were: How does coaching deliver value, both to the individual and the wider organisation? Where can we […]

NEWS: Nelson Mandela

As the world mourned the death of Nelson Mandela on 5 December, we asked what inspired you and what we can learn from South Africa’s first black president. Mandela: What will his legacy mean to you? When I look at Mandela I see the face of my own father and I’m reminded of how far that walk to freedom has been globally for Africans from across the diaspora. Mandela lived and modelled that leadership on all levels is possible, regardless of your race, class, social or economic background, demonstrating the enormous healing potential of reconciliation. His ability to be empathetic, […]

NEWS: survey

Survey: 54% predict coach income boost The results are in for our Coaching at Work Readers’ Survey 2013, evoking strong feelings on subjects, such as chartered institute status – yet plenty of positivity, too. As we enter 2014, there do indeed seem to be green shoots of economic recovery appearing. This year, income in coaching will increase, predict 54 per cent of respondents to the annual Coaching at Work Readers’ Survey, compared to 15 per cent last year (when 62% predicted it would stay the same). The top priorities for 2014 are: becoming more aligned with business (36%), followed by […]

Viewpoint: Listen up

David Sleightholm How well can we coach when we have hearing loss? What impact does it have – and how can we counter its problems? Coaching is about listening. Few would dispute this. Yet many of us will suffer an impairment to our capacity to listen. It may happen gradually; it may happen suddenly. That impairment is hearing loss. For most sufferers, however, it will not be complete deafness. In 2009, I suffered loss of hearing in one ear – very suddenly. I thought I had a cold and it would come back, but it didn’t. The hearing in that […]

Reflections: what really goes on during contracting?

What do we see when we reflect deeply? This issue: what really goes on during contracting? Letter and spirit Lindsay Wittenberg I’ve been reflecting on what’s actually happening in my contracting with clients. The coaching contract defines the work we’re doing and how we’re doing it. It keeps us on track, and acts as a reference point. It means we don’t wander off piste without being conscious of doing so, and sets the tone for mutual responsibilities. Contracting is how all my coaching programmes start. It consists of three aspects: a commercial contract, a working relationship contract and the definition […]

Letters: poisoned chalice?

Reading Lis Merrick’s article ‘Applied Wisdom’ (vol 8, issue 6, page 56) prompted some reflection on how knowledge is passed down through business generations. It is a staggering thought that most of the knowledge in a business “walks out of the door every evening – and it might never come back”. Merrick identifies how mentoring can bridge gaps in organisations from business generation to business generation. She makes some compelling and practical points about how this knowledge transfer might happen. The article highlighted the ‘good stuff’ that can be handed down through mentoring. Musing over mentoring schemes I have had […]

Three minutes to midnight: Who do you say no to?

A series of columns on our role in tackling the complicated economic, environmental and social challenges we face. It is a place to question, offer, share, explore, challenge, dissent, celebrate, reflect, learn and enjoy attention coaches: Who do you say no to? This question was posed to us over a cup of tea by Matthew Taylor, CEO of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, a veritable hotbed of thinkers and doers. “The thing is”, he said, “I’ve yet to meet a coach who thinks they can’t coach me.” Sometimes our profession can seem pathologically positive, with little time […]

Eye on the prize: Hidden treasures

In this regular column, Sara Hope explores internal coaching. This issue: Hidden treasures When we set up internal coaching programmes, how much do we open our eyes to the wider benefits for the organisation and the system in which we work? What outcomes do we imagine are possible? These questions are crucial to help build a strong business case for internal coaching, one beyond articulating the immediate tangible benefits. Often our primary objectives include:  Establishing internal expertise  Growing coaches who know the organisation from the inside  Enhancing performance through more effective conversations  Adding new skills to […]