Welcome to the April 2013 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the April 2013 issue of the newsletter Our conference programme is now finalised and bookings are coming in thick and fast. Our last two conferences sold out weeks beforehand so make sure you don’t miss out! In addition to the impressive line-up already in place, we now have Eunice Aquilina joining us too. Aquilina (whose article on trust appears in the May/June issue, see Highlights) was popular with delegates last year and is back running a workshop on how we can be present and grounded with clients when our own defences of fight, flight, freeze or appease are […]

Team-playing chimpanzees may hold key to human trait

It’s monkey business, but not as we know it: teamwork has its roots in chimpanzees, say scientists. Teamwork has been essential in humanity’s greatest achievements, and team coaching is now all the rage. But it’s still early days in terms of its development. Coaching buyers have reported that some so-called team coaches are not up to the job, applying the same techniques they use in individual coaching and failing to grasp team dynamics. Can our nearest primate relatives shed any light on team development? Scientists have discovered that chimpanzees not only coordinate actions with each other, but also understand the […]

Budget 2013 gives tax relief on health interventions

Health coaching is set to be given a boost following the UK government’s introduction of tax relief of up to £500 for employers funding health-related interventions. In his fourth budget, UK Chancellor George Osborne said, “Companies that look after their employees, and help them return to work after periods of sickness, will get new help through the tax system.” Until now, tax relief has only been available for organisations that pay for treatment for illnesses or injuries caused by work. Meanwhile, confidence in the approach has also been boosted following a special Health Coaching Summit on 26 February in London, […]

News in brief

Accreditation Forum The Coaching at Work-led Accreditation Forum met on 18 February to discuss progress on increasing clarity around accreditation to help coaching buyers and sponsors. The professional coaching bodies are currently preparing documents tabling their different accreditation requirements, criteria and approaches. Three of the bodies – the International Coach Federation, the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council – are tabling their core common competencies. Coaching sponsors KPMG and GlaxoSmithKline, among others, attended the Forum, whose next meeting is planned for May. School of life Business coaching principles may help young people prepare for life after […]

One in three people stressed at work

Work is the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives, according to research by Mind. Work is more of a stress factor than financial problems or health, finds the study of more than 2,000 people. One in three (34 per cent) say their work life was either very or quite stressful, compared to 30 per cent for financial problems and 17 per cent for health. The top cause for workplace stress was frustration with poor management, with one in three (32 per cent) saying this was either very stressful or quite stressful. Excessive workload was the second most stressful factor […]

GSK initiative gives 400% ROI

By Liz Hall GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) coaching initiative is delivering a return on investment of around 400 per cent, according to highly conservative estimates. The initiative, spearheaded by vice president coaching, Sally Bonneywell, is delivering many benefits, including helping GSK transform its culture to cope with unprecedented change. Coaching at GSK forms an integral part of the HR strategy supporting and delivering business strategy. The ROI calculation takes into consideration factors including coaching’s significant contribution to succession planning, assuming an estimated value of £500,000 delivered through retaining key individuals with a renewed enthusiasm and engagement. It also considers the improved business […]

Global Alliance inaugural meeting defines core principles and practices

The Global Coaching & Mentoring Alliance (GCMA) has agreed that its core purpose is to ‘professionalise’ coaching and mentoring. At the first meeting in Dublin on 27 February, the GCMA firmed up its purpose, which includes “expressing a shared view of the practice of professional coaching”. It also established core objectives, values and guiding principles for member parties. One principle is to “remember it is an alliance of professional bodies, not a body itself”. The Association for Coaching, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Coach Federation formed the GCMA in November. The GCMA is open to other […]

Downey launches low-cost automated eCoaching

How can you roll out inexpensive coaching to the masses or develop clients into geniuses? Myles Downey believes he has, or will have, the answers. The founder of the School of Coaching, which he left two years ago having sold it in 2009 to Texas-headquartered JMJ Associates, believes it’s time coaching was made available to a wider group of people. So he has developed low-cost automated (coach-free) online coaching called the eCoaching system. He is also launching the Enabling Genius Project to create a body of knowledge encompassing the best research into human potential and excellence, and the tools and […]

News in brief

Work shy Shy employees may be missing out on promotions because they’re not pushing for them, suggests research commissioned by Stagecoach Theatre Arts School. The study found many workers believe they have failed to climb the career ladder or earn a pay rise because of a lack of confidence, according to Digital Hub. The study revealed more than three-quarters of adults lack confidence at work, which has an impact on their ability to contribute to meetings. Coping strategies People in authority are better able to cope with mild rejection than those further down the pecking order, according to research from […]

Clinicians: from expert to enabler

By Stuart Rose and Liz Hall Training medical professionals in coaching skills is increasing patient satisfaction and self-efficacy and helping clinicians to be more resilient, suggests an initiative in the NHS. Coach, GP and consultant in public health, Dr Penny Newman, who co-designed health coaching training in the NHS Midlands and East, shared findings from evaluations of a number of schemes within the initiative. Developing coaching skills helps clinicians change their mindsets so they interact with patients and colleagues in a different way, shifting from the role of expert to enabler. It also sees them act as champions for self-care […]