Gladeana McMahon and David Clutterbuck are this year’s Coaching at Work People of the Year

This year’s Coaching at Work Coaching Person of the Year is Gladeana McMahon, re-elected chair of the Association for Coaching (AC) UK, while David Clutterbuck, co-founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council has been crowned as Coaching at Work Mentoring Person of the Year- a new award.

Nomination comments for McMahon include “her unstinting generosity to other coaches; work for AC, and developing Cognitive Behavioural Coaching”, and “not just for what she does that is overt – for example the first ever AC UK leadership conference, and a number of superb events, but for what she quietly does to support coaches and coaching…..she is always offering materials, ideas, and support to many, many coaches, without expecting any recognition or acknowledgement.”

McMahon said: “I am delighted and honoured to receive this award. There are so many people who have contributed so much to the coaching world that to feel my peers believed I deserved this award makes it all the more precious. My clients, colleagues, trainers, partner and most importantly the support of my efficient executive assistant of 11 years, Tracie Davis, have all shaped who I am, and deserve to share in this award.”

Respondent’s comments about Professor Clutterbuck, practice leader at Clutterbuck Associates include: “he is the leading light on researching, creating and managing mentoring programmes in organisations”, and “he has maintained focus.”
Professor Clutterbuck said: “It’s been a great privilege to be there at the birth of a new discipline and to be a kind of parent as it grows up. Supported mentoring has become so much more than just another way of learning. It is at the same time a social movement, and a practical way for organisations and their people to have genuine dialogue about how they achieve their ambitions. I’m looking forward to structured mentoring’s fourth decade and to watching it continue to evolve.”

Other nominations for the Coaching at Work Coaching Person of the Year award this year included Mike Hurley, past president of EMCC UK; Louise Buckle of KPMG for “galvanising coaching sponsors into action”; Anne Scoular of Meyler Campbell “for her relentless optimism and chutzpah”; Anthony Grant (Sydney University’s Coaching Psychology Unit) “for forcing us to face up to the shortcomings of evaluation and the tendency to over-claim on impact”, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey for “their continued work on Immunity to Change”, Brian Fitzgerald, learning and development director at Atkins “for his work in establishing a business-led coaching culture at the most senior levels in a hard-headed business.”

Lis Merrick, senior lecturer at Sheffield Business School was among those nominated for the Coaching at Work Mentoring Person of the Year- “because she is a passionate advocate, enthusiastic and has impacted on many organisations with mentoring initiatives – not least in the North West and across Europe”, along with Paul Stokes, principal lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.


The Coaching at Work awards and Annual Survey: Every year, Coaching at Work carries out a survey of its readers asking them what they think the main achievements of the year have been, what the priorities are for the coming year, and who they would like to nominate for the Coaching at Work Coaching Person of the Year. This year (2010), we also asked for nominations for the new Coaching at Work Mentoring Person of the Year. Nominations are counted up and then closely examined by the Coaching at Work team which then makes a decision based on number of nominations, comments made by those making the nominations and team members’ own sense of what those shortlisted have contributed to the field. This year (2010), both winners each had the highest number of nominations in each category, plus the Coaching at Work team considered the comments made to be well-deserved.

The Coaching at Work Annual Readers’ Survey was carried out among readers and members of the Coaching at Work LinkedIn group. The results will be shared online and in the January/February issue, plus a separate press release will be released.

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