Tulpa calls on coaches to go global

Katherine Tulpa, CEO of the Association for Coaching (AC) Global, challenged coaches to think big at the AC’s largest conference to date. More than 400 delegates each day attended the AC’s Going Global conference in London on 11-12 March. In her keynote address Tulpa said: “We actually see coaching as bigger than coaching – there is a greater purpose, whatever we call it in the future. How can we take coaching and transform it on a global scale? Our intention is to do it now. We’re seeing a deeper level of consciousness with clients and organisations.” She welcomed the fact […]

Big fish, new pond

A decision to keep only the ‘safe’ members of a sales force has coincided with an upsurge in new business. Can coaching take them out of their comfort zone – and into new ways of selling? Valerie is sales director of a large manufacturer. The difficult economic climate has led to a decision to reduce the sales force by 50 per cent. Valerie has decided to keep on the more experienced members of the sales team because they have strong relationships with the larger key accounts that provided a substantial chunk of her business target. However, while they are great […]

Many hands…

Continuing our series looking at coaching tools and techniques, Coaching at Work road-tests the sub-personalities approach 1 The tool What is it? Strictly speaking, the use of sub-personalities in coaching is not a tool but an approach. Even though the concept of “multiple selves” has been mooted in psychology for several decades, its use in coaching – as opposed to psychotherapy – is relatively new. I first came across its potential within organisational coaching at a transpersonal coaching workshop that Sir John Whitmore ran for us at the BBC a few years ago. He explored the concept of sub-personalities as […]

For the buzz of it

Working together to shape and develop the European Mentoring and Coaching Council has been about putting ideas into action for Mike Hurley and Diane Newell – and it sounds like fun, as Liz Hall discovers As he gazes from his window at the rolling hills of Shropshire, Mike Hurley recalls when he first joined the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) in 2002. Surrounded by leading lights in the coaching field such as Eric Parsloe, Julie Hay and Peter Bluckert, he thought: “What the hell am I doing here? All these people I’ve been reading about and regard so highly.” […]

So does coaching have an impact?

You can only answer this question if you are clear about your evaluation criteria, says Paul Stokes, deputy director of the Coaching & Mentoring Research Unit at Sheffield Hallam University Coaches, buyers of coaching services and individual clients are very interested in research that supports the use of coaching. Many people, however, don’t reflect on their own criteria for evaluating coaching and research. “Getting the measure of you”, in the previous issue (vol 5, issue 2) looked at the dangers of a dominant discourse in research. I want to build on this by taking a critical look at the different […]

RBS targets talent to raise spirits

After news of Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) mismanagement emerged in October 2008, employees had eggs thrown at them and were refused drinks in Edinburgh pubs. The bank’s Group Internal Audit (GIA) division launched a talent coaching programme to re-engage staff after “engagement scores fell off the cliff”, said Stuart Wilson, RBS deputy head of audit for corporate retail and wealth businesses. “Taxi drivers in Edinburgh used to chat when they took you to headquarters. RBS was paying 50 per cent of the tax revenue of Scotland. But from October 2008, if you said you were going to RBS, you […]

Ready for your close-up?

What can we learn from how others see the world? This new column peers through different lenses, exploring how ideas and perspectives might be woven into coaching and mentoring News reporters and coaches have more in common than it seems. Both look at stories from a variety of angles… Rachel Ellison Roll theme tune, camera swoop shot to presenter… run headlines, cut to pictures… cue first news package. It’s a typical opening to the BBC’s Six O’Clock News television bulletin, bringing information, education and entertainment to living rooms across the nation. My career as a news correspondent – first with […]

Book reviews — Volume 5, Issue 3

  Title Where Were all the Coaches When the Banks Went Down? Author John Blakey and Ian Day Publisher 121partners ISBN 978 1 445 21597 6 Usefulness 4/5 This book has its heart firmly in the right place: it wants to improve the practice of coaching. Its theme, in brief, is that coaching is changing as a response to the recession. That means it is time for coaches to pay much more attention to organisational needs rather than exclusively following an individual’s agenda. Money is tight and organisations expect explicit bangs for their bucks, not just a vague sense of […]

Olalla: coaching can ‘make a good life better’

Julio Olalla, the founder of ontological coaching, said society had given birth to coaching to help it address a major breakdown in how we know and how we observe. In his keynote address, “A good life versus a better life”, at the AC conference, the former Chilean government attorney, and founder of coaching organisation Newfield, said: “Coaching was born like any other practice – because societies invent new practices when the old practices can’t address emerging concerns.” He highlighted a number of current crises in energy, the economy and health, suggesting coaching has a serious contribution to make in changing […]

Council leaders gear up to coach colleagues

As the nation adjusts to the new government, peer coaching is set to take local politics by storm. The UK’s Local Government Leadership Centre (LGLC) has pledged to train council leaders to coach newly appointed colleagues, following the success of a two-year pilot with the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. “From our perspective, the pilot’s been a great success and we’re making a clear commitment to roll it out. People value it tremendously and it makes them better at what they do,” said Joe Simpson, LGLC director of politics and partnerships. “Politicians deal with the space of uncertainty, they deal […]