The value of being Proactive

Describes how one company has introduced a value-based pricing structure for its coaching studies Proactive Style has launched value-based pricing for its coaching impact and evaluation studies. Director Clive Johnson has adopted an approach common in North America: customers pay a small proportion of the value (usually the savings) they can recognise from an evaluation’s findings, and are guaranteed a payback several times what they pay. Johnson said: “This is a very safe approach for customers when compared with the traditional time and materials contract, while no great risk for consultants who are confident with what they can deliver.” For […]

Settle down now

Reports that more people want to carry on working or learn a new skill rather than retire One-in-three 45-65 year olds want to carry on working or learn a new skill, says a new report. One in 20 would like to launch a new business when they retire. Standard Life’s Death of Retirement research carried out among 2,500 adults highlights a fundamental shift in people’s attitudes towards retirement. Meanwhile, the percentage of people over 65 is expected to double by 2050.

Mentoring tops school report

Explains how mentoring has been used to improve schools administration in Australia The practice of mentoring boosts performance in school administrative staff, according to research in Australia. Improvements were seen in generic competencies, office and administration, financial management, and teacher and student support. The report by Patrick van Esch assesses workplace performance against job description in school administrative assistants (SAAs) and whether mentoring can help develop skills to meet job needs. Most SAAs in Australia are aged 40-65. They began by helping out at their child’s school, then stayed on. Re-training an ageing workforce is a dilemma state schools now […]

‘De-escalate and reflect’ – de Haan

Coaches have an urgent role to play in helping people understand, de-escalate and reflect on conflict Liz Hall Speaking at the EMCC UK conference, de Haan said coaches are well-placed to help people understand conflict and unleash the potential for learning embedded in it. Now we are increasingly part of a global community, our conflicts are also becoming more global, bringing a shared need to understand them. “Fewer and fewer people can afford to be engaged in primitive acting out – we have to de-escalate and to reflect, and I believe we, as organisational coaches, are in the business of […]